Reflexology or zone therapy is a very ancient therapy of which the origin is unknown.  It was found that the feet are a mirror image of the entire body and reflexology was a therapy that linked the pressure points on the feet with the internal organs of the physical body.  The constant improving knowledge in anatomy and physiology helps with the use of reflexology as the therapy works on all the systems of the body.  Reflexology teaches us that a vital energy called life force, called chi or prana circulates in a balanced, rhythmic way between all the organs of the body and permeates every living cell.  Sometimes certain diseases can upset the energy balance in the body causing stagnation and energy blocks.

I qualified in reflexology in 2002 and decided to study with the Oracle School of Colours to integrate the use of colour with the benefits of reflexology.  Integrating these two therapies the colour enhances a reflexology treatment and can ease conditions that are difficult to treat with reflexology on its own.  Using colour worked not just with the physical ailment but also with the emotional and mental aspects of the person being treated.  Colour can also break down accumulated energy painlessly.

A full reflexology treatment is given.  This helps the reflexologist to reveal any painful reflexes.  Colour is subsequently applied to those reflexes by using a reflexology torch or by channeling the colour to the feet using the hands.  When the appropriate coloured disc is inserted into the torch and the torch switched on, the round crystal is filled with colour and then the tender reflex is massaged gently for one minute with the treatment colour and one minute with the complementary colour using the torch or by using the hands to channel the appropriate treatment colour and corresponding complementary colour as guided.

Colour reflexology is enabling the energies of the body to flow freely.  The practitioner is also constantly working on themselves and the term “healer heal thyself first” is very important and as the practitioner knows this can often be very painful at times, and if we are unable to heal ourselves then it might be that we are unable to heal others.  The only person that can heal is the one to whom the disease belongs.  Practitioners act as a channel for healing, and act as a catalyst for the person who is working to heal her – or himself.

Reflexology can bring about harmony and balance back to the body and thus enable it to become whole once more.