Shamanism is the practice of the principles and techniques of shamans which involves working with the powers of Nature that exist both inside and outside the individual self and with external spirits.  The shamanic perspective is to understand the holistic and holographic nature of the universe, and the application of that understanding to everyday life experiences.

A shamanic practitioner understands that there is life in everything, and who has direct personal experience of realms of non-ordinary reality and is able to function within them.  A shaman is primarily a ‘harmonizer’ one who heals at all levels – physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual – and in a particular way.

Within the cosmic cosmology, the world is divided into three levels, the upper, lower and middle worlds.  This is often symbolized by the world tree,  with the roots, trunks and branches corresponding to the lower, middle and upper worlds respectively.  These realms are accessible to the shaman by entering a non-ordinary or altered state of consciousness using shamanic tools.  This helps the shaman to gather information and medicines that are specific for the person they are working with.

The Shamanic Practitioner is an intermediary between the visible world and the unseen world of spirit.  All shamanic healing work is determined by the spiritual teachers that work with the shaman.  Shamanic healing is beneficial in treating many health issues including past or present physical, mental or emotional trauma.  The shaman must step away from ego that can impede us in any way such as from doubt, questions or reluctance and have the highest good of the client in mind as an intention firmly in place whilst the shamanic healing is taking place.

In shamanic healing the client comes with an intention for the journey.  This might be to find their power animal or spirit guide or have a question in mind for the shamanic healing.  Making a protected space the shaman takes you on a journey using a shamanic drum and using other shamanic tools.  This might mean taking a journey to the lower realm to meet your power animal or to the upper realm to find your spirit guide.  Also guidance may be given and advice on continuing care after the shamanic healing has taken place.  Then to strengthen this relationship with your power animal or spirit guide you can continue to do work on your own at home by journeying with a shamanic journeying c.d. and through journal work and by paying attention to your dreams.