Janet is an absolutely fantastic shamanic practitioner.  I have had both colour reflexology and Reiki drum from her and both left me feeling extremely elated, would definitely recommend.  Nicola Thompson, Lavandula Blu, Wednesfield.

Janet is a caring and kind Shamanic Practitioner and Holistic Therapist dedicated to her calling, her treatments are intuitively guided and always beneficial.  Sharon Lounds, Fern Natural Holistic Centre, Ashmore Park, Wednesfield.

I received an Indian Head Massage from Janet.  I found it very relaxing and the tension in my shoulders felt a lot looser, the treatment really helped me.  Thank you!  M. A. Millership, Dudley.

I felt very nervous as this was my first holistic treatment.  Janet put me at ease with her friendly but professional manner.  I really enjoyed the reiki treatment and found it really benefitted me on so many levels!   J. Townsend, Wolverhampton.

I had a reflexology treatment from Janet.  I felt very relaxed and calm after the reflexology and thoroughly enjoyed it!   J. Harris, Dudley.

Thank you Janet!  I have had the most amazing 3 days after attending a shamanic power animal session with Janet.  After all insecurities and anxieties of the current situation.  I was so ready for this deeply relaxing, insightful and life energising experience with such an accomplished and talented professional practitioner.  New insights, perceptions and profound experiences have since emerged for me.  I feel like I have been on hols and come back a new person.  I whole heartedly recommend this experience to everyone at this time.  Thank you again Janet.    Lin, Wolverhampton.

I know many people are experiencing disturbed sleep patterns at this time.  I was until I got one of Janet’s sleep pillows.  This has made such a difference to me.  Thank you Janet!  She custom makes sleep pillows.  Her herbal skills and lovely artwork are amazing.  Lin, Wolverhampton

This wasn’t my first time purchasing one of Janet’s beautiful wares, and I know it won’t be the last.  Let me tell you about her wonderful lavender pillow.

I was drawn to it when I saw the photographs because it’s just so calming even to look at.  The colours, the artwork on the front of the pillows.  As a long time lover of lavender I already wanted one but hearing the story of Janet’s lavender (I’ll let her tell you) sealed the deal because it’s so very obviously special and magical.

Janet helpfully customised the strength of my pillow’s scent – extra strong for me! and was a pleasure to deal with during the purchase and delivery process.  She also provided personal channelled guidance for working with my pillow and the lavender that was right on the mark for me.

My pillow arrived in a beautiful box that I’ve saved to use for holding special things, and I could immediately see the heart’s work and love that had gone into creating the pillow.  It is so lovely, with the lavender art on the front and soft lace on the back with intentional hand stitching holding everything together.

I’ve had sleeping troubles for as long as I can remember and have tried so many things.  Tucking this into my pillowcase I drifted off enjoying the delicate lavender scent feeling relaxed and at ease.  I slept well and woke feeling rested.  The same thing has happened every night since and I’d say that I can’t believe it but I know what herbs, nature spirits, intent, and love can do.  My husband has also been feeling the benefits.

I’d also like to mention that the pillow is delightful for deepening meditation and I’ve been working with it in that way as well.  I can very easily recommend this item, and working with Janet generally.  Jan, Wolverhampton.